Beyond Yoga is founded upon the community that was previously known as One Yoga Trinidad and is committed to nurturing the depth of practice and the love that has blossomed within our family. Our intention is to provide practitioners with the knowledge and the tools necessary to cultivate a practice that transcends the posture.


An understanding of yoga that encourages us to take our practice beyond the yoga mat, and into our lives—

it is only in going Beyond that we become yoga, the embodiment of absolute Union and infinite love.

Our physical Brick & Mortar Studio is located in Trinidad & Tobago, at the Queens Park Oval. Click here to see to see our schedule of classes, workshops, and trainings.

Physical Studio

Our online platform offers a schedule of classes streamed life from our physical studio, an online library of over 100+ classes that you can do at your convenience, courses, workshops, and more.
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Online Platform

Your Image, Your Opinions, Your Beliefs, Your Ideas, Your Identity, Your Story.

We Discover Love.