My Writing

I always figured I would write a book one day, and it was in my early twenties that the words first came out of my mouth, Popcorn In My Pocket, that’s going to be the name of my first book. It took another twenty years of introspection and exploration, but it has finally come to life with the help of award-winning author Linda Sparrowe and lots or writing & re-writing. Popcorn In My Pocket is currently seeking a literary agent and publishing deal with books number two and three already in the pipeline.

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About Popcorn in my pocket

The path of spiritual realization has been decorated with new-age mumbo-jumbo, filtered with convenience, and painted with exclusivity. Popcorn in my pocket is laced with philosophical insights and teachings that expands our perspective of the human experience, reveal the spiritual practice of daily living, and place unimaginable and infinite love within our reach.

The kernels of popcorn shared in these pages encourage the reader to remove the veil of routine and automatic living, consider new perspectives, and potentially reveal that there is something we have been missing. We use the right words, adorn the robes, commit to rituals, read books, change our diets, and alter our lifestyles. We call to Spirit, acknowledge our connectivity, speak of compassion, and chant ‘Love.’ We often see the path clearly, and the curriculum is clear…but can we walk it, are we ready to do the work? If your answer is YES, then Popcorn In My Pocket will point you in the right direction.


By one of those divinely inspired synchronicities of the virtual world, we came across Troy Hadeed and found an inspiring, rigorous, and devoted yoga teacher, kindred spirit, and alchemical ally. One of those rare and daring mavericks of healing who devote their lives to the cause of love, the alleviation of suffering, and the transformation of human consciousness. Popcorn In My Pocket offers the reader a direct link to Troy’s teaching as well as his heart and soul. It is an opportunity to travel with a wise, generous, and charismatic guide through the challenges and joys of this spiritual journey. What more can we say but “Read it!”

— Lorie Eve Dechar and Benjamin Fox / Authors of The Alchemy of Inner Work: A Guide for Turning Illness & Suffering into True Health & Well-Being

This book is a radical teaching! It bears the scratches of that very unique someone who has gone first. A real leader (or teacher) is a person who points us back into our hearts: this work inspires and provides ‘the beats.’ Divine learning is had in the reading of Troy‘s book, and it is a lullaby for the soul. Not to lull us into sleep but rather awaken us to our inevitable potential.

— Troy Turi / Yoga Teacher & Writer - Vancouver, Canada