The name Vatula Publishing is inspired by a sect of spiritual mystics from Bangladesh and Western Bengal known as The Bauls; The Bauls take their name from the Sanskrit word Vatula. The word Vatula implies an infliction with ‘the Spirit of the wind’ – often described as being mad with devotion for God; To be crazy or mad for the Spirit.

The Bauls believe that within every human being lies what they refer to as the Moner Manoush, a supreme being, a person of the heart. They believe that the highest service one can partake of is in being of service to another human being.

Vatula Publishing is committed to representing a range of books and writing which lends to the upliftment of the human spirit, elevation of human consciousness, and reverence to God.

While the team at Vatula is open to possibilities and looks forward to one day representing authors from across the globe, at this moment they are focused on current and upcoming work by Troy Hadeed.

Books from Vatula

My Name Is Love: We’re Not All That Different

This book is about universal love, and how we can get out of our own way so that it can come through us; with compelling personal anecdotes and reflections, an opportunity for self-inquiry at the end of each chapter, and inspiring quotes from luminaries to lead the way.

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