Treehouse Conversations

If I could teleport you here so that you could feel it for yourself, I would. I often imagine it as if the land of Pandora met the Garden of Eden on the outskirts of the Shire. A canopy of trees stands hundreds of feet tall, a community of humming-birds secures nature’s resonance, and clouds float by giving way to psychedelic pastel sunsets. There is an energetic field that plugs you into an unseen force and reminds you without any doubt, that you are part of something larger and more magical than you could ever dream.

I was called to this magical place in 2012 and it has been by home ever since. The initial treehouse I lived in for six years unfortunately surrendered to elements of nature but the years we shared and the lessons I learnt will live in my heart forever. While the treehouse is no longer, the secrets and insights shared in silence have never been clearer. They come through every day in my writing and my ‘teaching’ as long as I can get myself out of the way.