2 Mentoring Sessions (for Yoga Teachers)


One of the most powerful experiences in the development of any teacher is the feedback of, and mentorship from, another experienced teacher. Unfortunately not everyone has the opportunity to authentic feedback and mentorship from their teacher after training. Troy has have been on both ends of this feedback forum repeatedly and believes in its power to create influential, authentic teachers.

You’re 45 min mentoring sessions we be guided by the issues and topics that you want to discuss. These can be emailed to Troy before hand for his consideration. Troy will often give reflections or suggested practices and homework to help you develop your teaching. These session ar soften progressive as we reflect on what has come up from our previous chat, or whatever feels most important to you at the time.

2 x 45min Video Call Mentoring Sessions – USD$150

Once this purchase is made you can email Troy directly at love@troyhadeed.com and he will be in touch to schedule your session and chat a little about what exactly you may be looking for. If you don’t reach out to him he will be in touch.
This purchase is valid for 365 days and you can even purchase this session as a gift for a friend.