Online Feedback & Mentoring

One of the most powerful experiences in the development of any teacher is the feedback of, and mentorship from, another experienced teacher. Unfortunately not everyone has the opportunity to authentic feedback and mentorship from their teacher after training. Troy has have been on both ends of this feedback forum repeatedly and believes in its power to create influential, authentic teachers.

How this works is that you will be given guidelines to record yourself teaching a 45-60min class and forward it to me. Within seven days I will review your class and offer feedback (written and video) over a 45min video call in which we can fine-tune your teaching style, emphasize your strong points, work on your weak points, and help you ‘get out of the way’ so that you can share the power of Yoga.

2 – 45min Video Call Feedback Sessions – USD$180
4 – 45min Video Call Feedback Sessions – USD$300

While we are working on developing the details of this procedure we can most definitely facilitate.

If you are interested in online mentorship, please contact us here.

– Coming soon –

Understanding the How & Why of Yoga (PDF download / video)

Yes, Yoga means union and any practitioner would probably be able to tell you something that includes mind, body, breath, spirit, truth, …etc.

It’s all great, but there is so much regurgitation of material in the world of Yoga that sometimes you have to wonder if teachers actually know what they are talking about. In this 60 min video download Troy speaks to his personal growth and realization through his practice and study, and his views on the how’s and why’s of Yoga. He takes you down a road through the anatomy of breath, how it connects to the physical body with the subtle energetic bodies, and how the deepening of his Yoga practice brought him closer to God and merged his worlds of Christ & Yoga.

– Coming soon –