Welcome – My Commitment to readers.

Well this is officially my first Blog, not even sure what that means. However, I am going to be using this forum to share some of my thoughts, reflections, and insights with regards to Life, Yoga, Love, God – and really anything that is inspiring me or touching my heart at that moment.

My commitment to you all is that I will not mince my words, I will not tell you neccessarily what you want to hear, and I will not avoid self-exposure of vulnerability as these are all thing that make life real. I however could possibly make spelling errors and challenge you to decipher the order of a sentence, but lets hope that does not happen to often. My hope is to plant seeds, inspire contemplation & your own self-inquiry, and ultimately leading readers to reflect more on how we can show up every day in our lives form a place of more Compassion, More Understanding, and ultimately more LOVE.

I am open to sharing with you my thoughts on any issues, situations, or topic so if you like just send me a message via the ‘contact’ page and i’ll make it happen.

Thanks for checking it out, hope you come back to visit. Look forward to an Epic contemplation on the life of Christ on Dec 25th!!!!


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