Contemplating the Life Of Christ

When the planned launch of this website and blog was scheduled for Christmas day it was only fitting for me to have my first entry be a contemplation on Christ. There has been some delays, and Christmas is now some time behind us, but the life, teaching, and consciousness of Jesus is one that I reflect on every day.

I am not sure exactly where to begin, but let me say that this reflection is not aimed at being controversial or contradictory to any existing views you may hold with regards to Jesus. I would hope that maybe it plants some seeds that inspire further contemplation into the life of Christ, and a deeper relationship to his teachings. I will try to make it concise to the best of my ability.

There has been so much emphasis placed on the birth and death of Christ, which I agree is noteworthy, however I cannot help but feel that there is not enough focus on understanding His life and the embodiment of His teachings. For this reason I am writing this reflection with appeal to all faiths, religions, and believe systems and will refer to Jesus Christ, as a man. If you hold the opinion that Jesus is the Son Of God, please understand that I am not attempting to strip him of his Divinity, but more importantly make his teachings accessible and attainable. Jesus was without a doubt a Divine being that embodied human form to assist us in our journey. Imagine that you were never told that Jesus was born of virgin, but simply that Mary was the most angelic, beautiful, graceful and loving woman you could imagine.

I feel the issue arises when we fail to acknowledge that We too are divine beings that have embodied human form. Christ came to teach us to Love, and not only did  he come as a teacher, but as an example for us to follow so that we could embody that divinity in human form as he did. The concept of ‘living in Sin’ is not one that I will ever accept; neither will I cease attempting to embody the path of Christ because “he has freed us of our sins”. Instead of holding onto the concept of Christ giving his life to free us of ‘sin,’ I would rather choose to believe that Christ gave his life to teach us to LOVE. So we now have a choice, to ‘live in sin’ or learn how to love.

“Blasphemy!” Some might say. But let’s take a moment to look at the Life of Christ. Imagine you knew nothing of Christ except that he was your neighbor that lived next door…..Christ was a ‘man’ who had an imaginable, unconditional love for all creation and all mankind. His love was forgiving beyond reason, understanding, compassionate and held no limits to believe systems, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, or even social labels. To clarify what I mean by social labels; he loved what would be deemed the ‘lowest’ of society; beggars, prostitutes, tax collectors, thieves, murderers, and the list goes on. His teaching, “Love one another as I have loved you,” held absolutely no exceptions. On top of this love he brought divine power not just to heal the sick, feed the hungry, and miraculously walk on water, but above all of that he held the power to heal tainted hearts, and had the ability to turn what appeared as ‘darkness’ into light.

“But he was Divine! The Son Of God! Yes?”  – Sounds like a cop-out to me if I had to be honest. I will remind you off two more of his greatest teachings. Take another moment to reflect on everything Christ represented and brought to our world. Mabye even close your eyes and soak it in for a moment; open your eyes to read on in 10 seconds.…….


Now hear him whisper to you, “You will do far greater things than I have ever done.”


Possibly you are about ready to stop reading because it may seem so ridiculous to imagine embodying that kind of Love, far less divinity, and performing miraculous feats. It all seems so ridiculous because for so long we have been looking in the wrong places. We have been so busy and absorbed in everything outside of ourselves, looking to everyone else and everything else for all the inspiration, up-liftment, reasoning, guidance, and answers that we have forgotten how to Listen to what’s on the inside.

“The Kingdom Of GOD is within You.” He said.

The reality is that this contemplation on the life & teachings of Christ could be an entire book in itself without any religious or biblical references. My hope for this little reflection is that it reminds us that our nature is  Divine, and that we can in fact embody that kind of Unconditional Love through meditation, prayer, and continuous practice.

What often blocks us is that we have become attached to this human body, we actually have come to believe that this is who we are. With that comes all this Fear of loss that has us living in survival mode. We have become so attached and obsessed with our human identity, that we have forgotten our Divine destiny. Love is our true nature, the consciousness of Christ, and many other teachers that have walked the path is our way home.