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Popcorn In My Pocket

With over fifteen years’ experience as an international yoga teacher and after decades of aiding individuals in re-discovering their relationship to God—I have found that something is missing, we are not connecting the dots. The path of spiritual realization has been decorated with new-age mumbo-jumbo, filtered with convenience, and painted with exclusivity. Popcorn in my pocket expands our perspective of the human experience, reveals the spiritual practice of daily living, and gives us the tools to walk the path of unimaginable and infinite love.

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Beyond Yoga

Join me for daily live streamed yoga classes, practice with me at your convenience via our online library, schedule your private or mentoring sessions, and more. Take the journey with us as we spread our wings and transition to BeyondYogaTV; an international online platform driven by an amazing community in Trinidad (formerly One Yoga Trinidad).


Treehouse Conversations

Not many people can say that their home is one of their favourite places in the World. Fortunately, I am able to.

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Life & Yoga

Forget the text book definitions or what the sacred texts might say, or even what your Guru, who sat in the Himalayas for 40 years…

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